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From revolutions to sports to cannabis, we’re proud to be continuing the New England tradition of doing things really well.

We're driven to inspire and empower everyone to put the best into themselves so they can get the best out of themselves.

Our Story

We’re on a mission to make feeling good feel good because, for us, cannabis is a wellness tool that should help you be your best self. But unfortunately, all the additives and junk that often come with it can make it anything but healthy. At Coast Cannabis Co., we craft quality products to give our customers the cannabis we wanted to see in the world.

We’re making sure everything that goes into our products is something we’d be proud to put into our bodies. That means using only high-quality, natural, artisanal ingredients, with no artificial dyes or colorings. But beyond that, we’re also sourcing conscientiously: Choosing fair trade, ethically grown ingredients because they’re better for you and the world around you.

From the carefully selected cacao we use in our chocolate bars, to the organic flavors in our gummies, you can trust that we’ve meticulously crafted every bite so you can be your very best. Owned and operated by a husband and wife duo with lifelong roots in Massachusetts, we’re proud to say we’re now the first independently owned cannabis manufacturer in the state. But no matter how big we get, as a local, family business, our commitment to our community will never change.

We give back wherever we can, helping to clean up the coastline and waterways, and working with charities to create an even better East Coast. From the quality of our ingredients to the impact of our choices, at Coast Cannabis Co., we put the best into everything we do, so you can get the best out of life.”

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are you over 21 years old?