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Whether you’re new to cannabis or just new to COAST, we’ve got all the answers and insights to help you get the best out of life.

About Coast


Headquartered on the COAST of Wareham & found at these dispensaries throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island

How much cannabis is in your edibles?

COAST products are currently made of 20 servings at 5 MG each. This includes both our chocolate & gummy products. 

How many doses are in COAST vaporizers?

COAST currently produces 0.5 G vaporizer products containing approximately 100 hits or doses. 

How is COAST different from other vaporizer companies?

We’re 100% crafted in-house, from plant to pen, and use full spectrum naturally derived terpenes. We use extensive quality control and testing, beyond what’s required by the state.

About Our Products

How do you test your products?

We are committed to providing consumers with the highest quality products on the market. To do so we adhere to all state-regulated testing protocols including potency, pesticides, residual solvents, contaminants, and more. In addition to this we have developed a redundant testing protocol to maintain consistency of products from batch to batch.

Can you ship me products?

Unfortunately with our current Federal Laws we are unable to ship products directly to consumers. COAST products can currently be purchased at these Massachusetts and Rhode Island Dispensaries.

I have a dietary restriction, can I enjoy COAST Products?

All of our products are made in a facility that processes milk, nuts, soy and gluten. All COAST products are free from artificial flavoring or color. Be sure to visit the Product Pages to check out the ingredients for each of our delicious edibles.

How do edibles work?

 Edibles produce a longer-lasting effect than other methods of cannabis consumption. This is due to cannabinoids being metabolized and converted by the liver, which isn’t the case with smoking or vaping, resulting in a longer-lasting full-bodied effect.

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are you over 21 years old?