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COAST Cannabis Co. Takes a Sustainable Leap Forward: Introduces Ocean Plastic Packaging

Full press release here!

We are so excited to announce our partnership with Talking Trash and AE Global, bringing you Ocean Recycled Plastic Chocolate Packaging. 

“We began recovering ocean bound plastics by organizing local beach clean-ups and partnering with Save The Harbor in Boston. We were looking to expand our reach, now we are Talking Trash with AE Global and working together to reduce ocean bound plastics around the hemisphere.” said Angela Brown, COAST’s Co-Founder and CEO.

Our decision to incorporate ocean plastic into our packaging materials reflects our dedication to fostering a more sustainable future. 

We recognize the urgent need to address plastic pollution, especially within the c@nnabis industry, and this initiative is a proactive step towards minimizing our environmental impact.

When you purchase a COAST chocolate bar, you’re supporting us on our mission! Dropping in stores this month 🌊

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are you over 21 years old?