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66 women-led cannabis brands to watch in 2023 – Leafly.

“Do you believe only 20% of cannabis companies are owned by women? It’s true. That’s only 1 out of 5. And according to a report by MJBiz, the number of women in cannabis businesses is actually decreasing. Only 10% or less of businesses in Massachusetts and Ohio qualify as women-owned. So while the cannabis plants that we all love to consume are all female, women are being left out of ownership roles in the industry the at large. To eliminate any excuse for “not knowing” any women-owned companies to support, we’ve compiled a list of 66 to explore throughout the rest of the year. They’re broken up into three categories: Brands, license holders, and non-plant touching companies that specialize in accessories, services, and community-building. One thing they all have in common: Boss ladies leading the way.” – Leafly. Check out the full article that lists all the women-led cannabis brands HERE.

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are you over 21 years old?