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Behind the mission: Why COAST Cares About Ingredients

Here at Coast Cannabis Co, we make the best tasting and multiple-award winning infused products including gummies, chocolates and vaporizers. 

We only use high-quality, natural, artisanal ingredients, with no artificial dyes or colorings. We’re also sourcing conscientiously: Choosing fair trade, ethically grown ingredients because they’re better for you and the world around you. 

Why do we pay such close attention to what our customers put in their bodies? 

Well, it’s because our co-founder and CEO Angela Brown actually came to try cannabis to help improve her gut and overall health. While her fellow co-founder and husband Brian had explored cannabis recreationally, Angela had heard it could help her digestive issues. And it changed everything. 

Fast forward to Coast’s products being in hundreds of dispensaries across Massachusetts. Angela uses her position to raise awareness for the minor cannabinoids in Coast products and how they have shown to make a difference for gut health. 

‌The cannabis plant contains more than 100 compounds (or cannabinoids). These compounds include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is impairing or mind-altering, as well as other active compounds, such as cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is not impairing, meaning it does not cause a “high”.

‌Cannabigerol (CBG) is another compound that has been studied for its potential benefits to gut health. It has shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties which could help in alleviating gut inflammation and conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease. CBG may also have antibacterial properties which could help maintain a healthy balance of gut bacteria. 

‌Coast actually has a Tangerine Gummy product with a special ratio THC, CBG and CBD. Learn more here:

*COAST Cannabis Co. is not making any medical claims*

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are you over 21 years old?