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Keeping the COASTs clean one day at a time!

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Happy #WorldOceanDay! 🌊🌎 With a name like COAST, it’s obvious we love the water. In fact, we were founded on the idea that wellness can be found in nature. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the beach and beautiful waterways for their own mental well-being. That’s why we are proud to be partnered with Save the Harbor, Save the Bay. The region’s leading voice for clean water and continued public investment in Boston Harbor, public beaches, and the Harbor Islands. Their mission is to restore and protect Boston Harbor, Massachusetts Bay, and the marine environment so these natural wonders can be shared with the public for everyone to enjoy. 

For far too long, our waterways have been polluted by industry that has had rampant disregard for the environment and the communities in which they operate. At the same time, those natural resources have been inaccessible to marginalized communities, people of color, LGBTQIA+ and the disabled.

Together, COAST and Save the Harbor/Save the Bay are working to change that, through programs that are educational, inclusive, equitable, diverse, and above all, accessible. Through free cruises for youth, teen employment, outdoor activities, and breach grants for artistic pursuits, it’s our hope that marginalized people will get to experience the sheer joy of making a connection with nature.

As part of our effort, every purchase of a COAST product supports this and other partnerships with the goal of restoring and protecting our waterways throughout Massachusetts. Join us in making it possible for everyone to enjoy the natural beauty that is right at our doorstep.

You can get involved by joining us and High Profile x Budega on June 14 at Malibu Beach, Dorchester from 10am-1pm to help clean the beach.

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